Who Needs Marriage?

By Casey Reichanadter

According to Time magazine, over 40% of Americans polled believe that marriage is obsolete.  On the surface, this makes sense as our society changes.  There is an increased acceptance of co-habitation, and various forms of civil unions grant many couples legal rights similar to their married counter-parts.  Women are more educated, make more money, and are less reliant on a man as the sole supporter.

Yet there is a large disconnect between what Americans predict for the future of institutional marriage and their own personal lives.  Of those polled under the age of 30, 44% believe that marriage will soon be extinct.  However, nearly all of them still want to get married (nearly 95%).

There is a basic, primal desire to live in pairs till death do us part.  You see this behavior in the animal kingdom, from penguins to tigers.  Even termites mate for life!  With 70% of Americans trying marriage at least once and younger generations still willing to give it a shot, marriage won’t be on the endangered list any time soon.