We’re Back!

Welcome to JustFamilies.org!  JustFamilies.org is run by students affiliated with the Diane Abbey Law Center for Children and Families.  The Abbey Center provides New York Law School students and faculty members with a place to come together and advocate for the children and families of New York City while striving to achieve its dual goals of promoting policies that empower families, and facilitating our students’ entrance into the field of family law-related practice and policy.

Over the past several months, the Abbey Center has been working to recreate and relaunch JustFamilies.org with a new focus on children’s and family issues in New York.  These issues include traditional family law topics as well as education law, elder law, immigration, juvenile justice, and mental health.  Consistent with our school’s role as “New York’s Law School,” our goal is to bring the New York family law community thought-provoking articles and discussion on the current issues facing New York City’s families.

Through JustFamilies.org, visitors can access news and commentary on current family law topics, profiles of family law attorneys and agencies, and upcoming events at New York Law School relating to family law.  JustFamilies.org will strive to bring important New York family law issues to the forefront while becoming a hub for those interested in exploring these issues.  In the upcoming months, JustFamilies.org will continue to provide commentary and news sources for the New York family law community.  Thank you for visiting our blog.


-JustFamilies.org Staff

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