Welcome to the New Year

Welcome to the New Year with JustFamilies.org.  Here are some news highlights from recent weeks.

New Mayor for NYC

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inaugural speech took place on New Year’s Day.  Mayor de Blasio reiterated his desire to enact universal pre-k for New Yorkers.  To view Mayor de Blasio’s inaugural speech and the full text, please click here.

Mayoral Appointments

Mayor de Blasio has announced many of his political appointments in the past few weeks.  Below are some key appointments that affect New York’s Family Law Community.  For a complete list of Mayor de Blasio’s appointments thus far, please click here. (DecideNYC)

Invisible Child

The New York Times recently published a series that profiles a young homeless New Yorker, Dasani, and her family entitled “Invisible Child.” Since its publication, the story of Dasani and her struggles in New York City’s homeless shelters has reverberated throughout the city.  The series brings to life the conditions at the City’s Auburn Shelter and the experiences of homeless children.  Please click here to view the New York Times publication. (The New York Times)


California students have filed a complaint against the State of California for “ineffective teachers and quality of public education.”  The trial is set to begin on January 27.  Mainly, the students’ aim is to change State laws that allow teachers to receive “permanent employment” after 18 months and also the “Last-in, First Out” statute.  Teacher tenure has been a much debated issue throughout the country and this case will likely be watched by interested parties across the nation.  An article discussing the case and related issues can be viewed here. (Watchdog)

Marriage/Domestic Relations

The United States Supreme Court issued a temporary hold on the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses today in Utah.  The Court granted a stay on the ruling of Kitchen v. Herbert.  This case, decided in December of 2013, found the State’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.  The stay will send the case back to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals on an expedited basis.  An article addressing this event can be seen here. (CNN)