Upcoming Divorce Rates in NY

The high divorce rate is unfortunately becoming less of a shock from year to year. With the dramatic changes to both New York divorce and marriage, many (including myself) wonder what the immediate and long-term affects of these changes will be on the rate/percentage of divorce in our State.  The two changes that I am referring to are the passing of No-fault divorce and the legal recognition of gay marriage. 

According to several articles (including one in the New York Post,  the Huffington Post, and the New York Divorce Report,) New York has already seen an increase of 12% in the divorce rate since the recent passing of No-Fault divorce in October 2010. There have not yet been such studies done of the affect of gay marriage.

So, how will the passing of gay marriage affect the divorce rates?

Will the numbers increase even more with the addition of thousands of new marriages? Some think that with the increase in the number of marriages occurring in the state, the percentage of divorce will decrease. But, even if that is the case, it may just be a short-term/immediate response but not last very long. One possibility is an initial decrease with a spike back up after couples reach higher numbers of wedding anniversaries.

In one story, published by abcnews.com, a newly married man said that he was optimistic about his new nuptials because the couple had already lived together for a long period of time, during which they experienced many ups and downs. Having experienced the realities of marriage already, the couple seem to have known they could handle legal marriage for the long hall.


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