Til our marriage license expires…

Could temporary marriage licenses work in the United States? (cool-freebies.com)

People say practice makes perfect so why can’t the same apply to marriage?  Could there be a way to do it without all the messy formalities of a separation and ultimately a divorce?

Consider it like a pair of training wheels. Once you have a grasp on it and like the ride, make the marriage permanent, or renew it for another provisionary period. It is almost like taking baby steps rather than leaping right into a long commitment.

According to Dan Evon’s article in The Inquisitr, Mexico City is currently considering temporary marriage licenses as a way to eliminate the aggravation that could stem from separation and divorce proceedings. The city plans to hold a vote by the end of the year.

Assemblyman Leonel Luna, who co-authored the bill, said, “The proposal is when the two-year period is up, if the relationship is not stable or harmonious, the contract simply ends.” It seems like the perfect union for today’s Hollywood couples.

Following the end of the contract, only obligations laid out in post-marriage provisions would apply, such as what to do about money, property, and children.

Of course, these temporary marriage licenses could lead to possible claims of financial fraud or marriage strictly for immigration purposes; however, if Mexico City administers and monitors the process strictly, it could work. Then perhaps states in the United States of America would consider such licenses.

Many things in life require trial periods, such as provisional drivers’ licenses and provisional memberships to organizations.  Why not marriage? It might even lead to lower divorce rates in the United States.