The Unstoppable (?) SheenMachine

Charlie Sheen.  Just say his name and people start snickering and shaking their heads.  It’s no doubt that his very-publicspiral downward has had most people comment at some point or another.  How can you not discuss it?  There was the porn star who locked herself in the bathroom when Mr. Sheen tore up a hotel room, there was his quick (and I do mean quick) stint in rehab, his recent firing from his hit show “Two and a Half Men,” and now, a temporary protective order has been issued for Mr. Sheen to stay away from his ex-wife Brooke Mueller and the parties’ twin sons, Max and Bob.

The disturbing allegations of abuse can be read online in Ms. Mueller’s petition.  In the petition, Ms. Mueller alleges that Mr. Sheen verbally threatened her, punched her in the arm, “chucked” a phone through a window, and threatened her with a pen knife.  Within hours after the order was issued, police collected the parties’ children from Mr. Sheen’s home, where he’d been keeping them from Ms. Mueller.  Just recently his home was searched by the LAPD, who were looking for looking for firearms and ammunition that might be there, in violation of the protective order.

What is unfortunate is that this situation is not uncommon (well, maybe the parts about being a celebrity, having it broadcast on TV, and having a porn star locked in the bathroom are).  But I’m surely not trying to make light of the situation.  It  is a huge deal that such abusive behavior is getting nationwide coverage.  My one hope for the situation (besides that Ms. Mueller and the parties’ twins remain safe) is that this will bring attention to the issue of domestic violence.

When Rihanna’s then-boyfriend Chris Brown punched her in the face after an award show and the assault photo was later released, many in the entertainment industry and in the country were shocked.  Though there have been several infamous celebrity DV situations in the past (think: Halle Berry, Madonna, Tina Turner), the issue of DV is sometimes still not taken seriously by police officers and other officials.  My concern with Charlie Sheen’s situation is that the severity of the allegations which led to an issuance for a protective order may not be given proper attention amidst Mr. Sheen’s ridiculous tirades and recent filing of a $100M lawsuit against Warner Brothers.

In short, Charlie Sheen must be stopped.  Will his recent unemployment be  tend to calm him down?  Most likely not.  Will the protective order keep him in line, at least with respect to leaving his ex-wife and children out of his violent path of destruction?  We can only hope so.