Texas Mother Banned from Using the Internet


While “sexting” (the act of sending nude pictures via text message) is a major issue in connection with adolescents, Lori David, 38, has expanded the scope of concerns surrounding sexting.  Several weeks ago, in Katy, Texas, Ms. David pleaded guilty to a charge of solicitation of a minor – Ms. David sent naked pictures of herself to a classmate of her 16-year-old son.  Ms. David knew of the Katy Taylor High School sophomore as she was “jogging buddies” with his mother and she had befriended him while volunteering at the high school.  Ms. David and her son’s peer exchanged sexual messages on a regular basis via text message, e-mail and Facebook, which ultimately culminated in her sending two racy photographs of herself to the teen.

One of the photographs featured the mother of two topless, while the other featured a full nude body shot of her kneeling on her bed.

While punishment for this type of offense typically includes jail time, the Texas judge, for reasons unknown, deviated from tradition and put Ms. David on probation for five years, and placed multiple unconventional qualifications on her sentence.

In addition to probation, the judge prohibited Ms. David from using the Internet for any reason other than for work.  The judge also banned Ms. David from sending text messages to anyone other than immediate family members, and forbade Ms. David from having any unrelated children at her home.  Moreover, Ms. David was also placed on the registered sex offenders registration for fifteen years and is not allowed on school grounds except to attend her son’s graduation.

While the judge’s reasoning for his extraordinary holding remain unknown, the surrounding questions are what affect this will have on precedent and more importantly, is this evidence that the courts are becoming lenient with sex offenders?  I believe that the social climate played a large part in this holding and, in addition, that a jail sentence would have been imposed if it had been an adult male soliciting a female teen.