Tell Me a Story – In the Blink of an Eye

In a “precedent-setting case,” a California judge has ruled that a mother who suffered severe brain damage while giving birth to triplets must be granted visitation rights to see her children.

The mother, Abbie Dorn, and her ex-husband, Daniel Dorn, wed in 2002 but had trouble conceiving a child. After an in-vitro fertilization process, the couple looked forward to having not one but three children together. Complications arose during the pregnancy, however, and Ms. Dorn underwent an emergency hysterectomy after being deprived of oxygen for nearly 20 minutes. Although she survived the ordeal, she is, according to her ex-husband, “neurologically incapacitated”—a claim that is disputed by Ms. Dorn’s parents and lawyer, who argue that Ms. Dorn is still able to communicate to the outside world by blinking: “One slow blink means ‘yes,’ and no response means ‘no.’”

One year after the birth of the triplets, Mr. Dorn filed for divorce.… <Read More>