Wasted Legal Action

It is well known that courts in New York City are under-efficient, under-staffed, and arguably over-utilized.  There are many frivolous and time-wasting cases that should (and could) probably be weeded out through mandatory mediation sessions before seeing a judge.  As one student in my colloquium course said last week, “Courts are the emergency rooms for society.”  Unfortunately, this not only holds truth, but provides an interesting insight to the City’s (and other states’) crowded courtroom circus.  Specifically, family courts are insanely overcrowded at times with ex-partners from broken marriages and relationships who just can’t get along.  All too often I see parties in court who are filing another petition to add to the growing pile involving a divorce, child custody, visitation, spousal support, modifications, etc.  But, this isn’t just a problem with the family courts.  All too often frivolous lawsuits and over-dramatic criminal charges are brought to court to be sorted out as well.… <Read More>