Recorded Telephone Conversations Lead to More Domestic Violence Convictions to the New York Times, individuals who are incarcerated in New York for domestic abuse (or incarcerated for being suspected of domestic abuse) are increasingly having their phone conversations – the ones that they have while incarcerated – taped and used against them in court.  Often, the entire domestic violence case rests on the taped phone calls from jail.

Is this fair or unfair?  Richard Brown, the Queens district attorney, says that there is no issue of fairness because the inmates were informed that their phone conversations were being taped, and they still said things to incriminate themselves.  There are even signs posted in city jails informing inmates that their calls are being taped.  But, for one reason or another, abusers cannot help but to talk about their behavior.  Not surprisingly, abusers, even continue to intimidate their victims behind bars.… <Read More>