Should Polygamy Be Legal?

Polygamy is currently illegal in all 50 states, but should it be? Polygamous lifestyles often carry with them the stereotypes of incest, subordination, and abuse, but as exemplified in TLC’s show “Sister Wives” this is not true of all polygamous families.  The stars of “Sister Wives,” Kody Brown and his four wives, are currently challenging the constitutionality of the Utah state law banning polygamous marriages as violating their rights under the due process and equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. The Browns are concurrently coming out to America on their new reality TV show as a polygamous family trying to prove how happy, healthy, and safe their lifestyle choice is.

The hot topic of marriage equality is currently consumed with the same sex marriage debate, but perhaps, as Americans are expanding their understanding of marriage as not just between one man and one women, the discussion should be further opened up to the idea of one man and multiple women. The Brown family is trying to bring new information to anti-polygamists minds, by proving that they live in a workable loving family environment.

Polygamous activists have a long way to come in changing the minds of Americans to view polygamous families as a plausible lifestyle choice. Many people rightfully question whether the children and wives in polygamous families are getting enough attention from one man. Kody Brown is currently the father of 17 children. How is it possible to give each child enough love and attention when there are 16 other children and 4 wives pinning for his attention?… <Read More>