Foreign affluent families choose NYC public schools week, the New York Times revealed that many affluent foreign families who move to New York are choosing to send their children to public elementary schools in New York City rather than private elementary schools.  Typically, affluent New York families send their children to private elementary schools.  The Times reports that “a large majority of wealthy foreign-born New Yorkers are sending their children to public schools, according to an analysis of census data.”  The data shows that out of the 15,500 households in the city with elementary school-age children that have an income of at least $150,000 and both parents born abroad, 68% of those families send their children only to New York City public schools.

Shockingly, households with American-born parents who have an income of at least $150,000 send their children to public schools at only half the rate of foreign-born families in the same income bracket.  The foreign-born parents claim that the reason they send their children to public schools is because it imitates real life, and that diversity is lacking in the private schools.  Of course, these families are living in affluent NYC neighborhoods, but still choose to send their children to public school.  As a result of this influx of foreign households sending children to NYC public schools, some public elementary schools in wealthier parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn are experiencing an unexpected increase in foreign-born students, especially Western Europeans.

“In interviews, affluent foreign-born New Yorkers said that like all conscientious parents, they weighed various criteria in choosing schools, including quality, cost and location.… <Read More>

Lunch at 10 A.M. due to Overcrowded Classrooms


overcrowded classroom

Bagels, eggs, pancakes and orange juice seems to be the correct food to eat at 10 A.M. It’s breakfast time right? Not so much the case at Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers, in Lower Manhattan. At 10 A.M it is the beginning of the lunch time periods.

Due to overcrowding and the fiscal budget crisis students all around New York City are experiencing earlier lunch times, tighter classroom seating arrangements, less personalized instruction, and higher building student to teacher ratios.

According to the United Federation of Teachers’ survey  released on Thursday, September 22, 2011, New York City Public School classrooms are overcrowded. Classroom size is at its highest in 10 years. The survey notes that nearly 7,000 classrooms are over their contractual limits. The contractual limit for Kindergarten classroom is 25 students; for grades one to six the limit is 32; for middle schools it is 33; and for high schools it is 34.The overcrowding in New York City Public School is said to stem from attrition, budget cuts and increased enrollment.

All across the New York City district the education system is feeling the increase. Most notable are High Schools in Queens. About 2,600 classrooms are overcrowded, with more than 34 students in each room. Some schools have imposed class schedules based on shifts to deal with lack of teachers and limited classroom space.

The teachers at Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers, use the method of shifting a handful of students into Advanced Placement classes, whether or not they wanted to take them, to deal with overcrowding classrooms.… <Read More>