Less Marriage Among 20 Year Olds


“In 1970, just 16% of Americans ages 25 to 29 had never been married; today that’s true of an astonishing 55% of the age group.” This article is quite an interesting read and also outlines today’s “pre-adults” and how higher education may play a role in decreased marriage among 20-year-olds.  “Unlike adolescents, however, pre-adults don’t know what is supposed to come next. For them, marriage and parenthood come in many forms, or can be skipped altogether.” The article outlines one reason why this may be so prevalent.… <Read More>

Who Needs Marriage?

By Casey Reichanadter

According to Time magazine, over 40% of Americans polled believe that marriage is obsolete.  On the surface, this makes sense as our society changes.  There is an increased acceptance of co-habitation, and various forms of civil unions grant many couples legal rights similar to their married counter-parts.  Women are more educated, make more money, and are less reliant on a man as the sole supporter.

Yet there is a large disconnect between what Americans predict for the future of institutional marriage and their own personal lives.  Of those polled under the age of 30, 44% believe that marriage will soon be extinct.  However, nearly all of them still want to get married (nearly 95%).

There is a basic, primal desire to live in pairs till death do us part.  You see this behavior in the animal kingdom, from penguins to tigers.  Even termites mate for life!  With 70% of Americans trying marriage at least once and younger generations still willing to give it a shot, marriage won’t be on the endangered list any time soon.… <Read More>