Violence in the Courtroom

Everyone knows that divorce law is a very volatile area of practice. In the words of Pat, an attorney in New York City, divorce, death and moving are the most traumatic times in a person’s life. In a Broward County, Florida courtroom, a husband flew into a rage on Friday after Judge Ronald Rothschild ordered him to pay child support and set visitation rights for the couple’s 1-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. He began attacking his wife right in the courtroom in front of the judge and had to be subdued by being shot twice with a stun gun.

“It was surreal,” a witness said. “To see that violence play out in a judge’s chambers is somewhat surreal.”  The wife was taken to a hospital with a broken nose, broken bones in her face and a torn lip. The husband was charged with felony battery, domestic violence and resisting arrest. His bail was set at $1 million. This rage occurred between a couple who was only married 5 years , can you imagine the emotion and rage that could occur between a couple married for 20, 25, 30 or more years?… <Read More>

Dropping Divorce Rates for Educated Americans… Is it all Good?

Divorce rates may be on the rise for most Americans, but they are actually decreasing when it comes to college-educated couples.  At first glance, this might appear like a good thing; couples getting married only when they’re truly ready and plan to stay together.  But what about the stigma attached to the couples that do wind up getting a divorce in this segment of the population?  And what happens to the eleven percent of college-educated couples that split and find themselves the only divorcée in their circle of friends?… <Read More>

New York Divorce Lawyers Preparing for Same-Sex Divorce

A City Room Blog Postby Clyde Haberman raises an interesting question: Same-Sex MarriageShould New Yorkers be expecting a wave of Same-Sex Divorce in the coming months, now that Same-Sex Marriage is legalized in the state?  While lawyers disagree on how many such divorces can be expected, they all agree that same-sex divorce will differ greatly from heterosexual divorce in some key ways. … <Read More>