Should Anyone Be Above the Law When It Comes to Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is one of the most prevalent social ills affecting our society. Fortunately, in recent decades the progress in legal response to domestic violence has been astonishing with the passage of the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 and the emergence of specialized and integrated domestic violence courts in 1990’s. Sadly, our legal framework still fails to deter against first offenses or prevent recidivism. Even more reprehensible is when an alleged perpetrator manages to find a way to circumvent the law.… <Read More>

Domestic Abuse Plagues Women from Afghanistan February 27, 2011, the New York Times published an article “Abuse Often Follows Afghans to America,” about how women from Afghanistan, who are abused in their own country, still suffer extreme domestic abuse when they come to the United States.  Women immigrating to the United States from Afghanistan are often joining their husbands who already have come to the United States.  These women are “thrilled about the prospect of a new American life,” but often that dream is shattered when they arrive in the United States.  How, and why, is this so?

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