Do Straight, Unmarried, Cohabiting Couples Deserve the Same Treatment as Married Couples?

Two weeks ago, the British president of the Family Division, Sir Nicholas Wall, said the UK needs legislation to protect the 2.3 million unmarried, cohabitating couples if they split up. How does this affect the notion that whole point of marriage, in the most unromantic sense, is to legally bind assets and receive protection if the marriage dissolves. It’s the legal fine line between being married and living together.

Should this type of legislation come to the United States?

There are some couples who cohabit and go on to have successful marriages, it is a quantifiable fact that more cohabitations (between unmarried same sex couples) end than marriages.  Cohabitation is a less serious agreement than marriage. Only the two people in the relationship can decide if they’ve struck the right balance. But whether they have or haven’t, if cohabitating straight couples want the legal benefits of marriage, should they just get married?  Or, should they make a cohabitation agreement?

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