Do Celebrities Have An Advantage in the International Adoption Process?

A recent article in the Huffington Post titled “Celebrity Adoptions: Do Stars Get An Advantage?” discusses how some new celebrity parents are bringing a good face to the adoption process, something several people in the adoption community think is important. However, the article questions whether celebrities are getting preferential status when adopting internationally, primarily due to their excess of wealth. The international adoption process can be a long, expensive, and tedious one for families, yet certain celebrities, like Angelina Jolie, Sandra Bullock, and Madonna seem to be able to adopt international children rather easily. This article suggests that because “international adoptions are often a much longer and more complicated process…celebrities can pay to get priority”.[1]

“According to David Smolin, a professor at the Cumberland Law School at Samford University and an international adoption expert, non-residents are not allowed to adopt in Malawi, but because of the humanitarian aid Madonna poured into the nation, she was able to skirt some rules when adopting her two children, Mercy James and David Banda.”[2] Is this fair? Should wealthy individuals be able to go around established international laws just because they have money to throw at the issue?… <Read More>

Celebrities Experience Domestic Violence Too! violence doesn’t only plague “normal” people – anyone can be a victim of domestic violence or dating abuse.  Even celebrities, as perfect as their lives may seem in the public eye, may have been victimized in one or more relationships.  Glamour magazine has launched a campaign featuring celebrities who are survivors of domestic violence.  Icons such as, Ashley Greene, and Emma Stone, have made videos to be featured as part of Glamour‘s “Tell Somebody” video campaign, in which they encourage those who are experiencing intimate partner violence to speak up and get help.

Celebrities Open Up About Domestic Violence – watch the video by clicking this link.

The message these celebrities are trying send is if you or someone you know is suffering from intimate partner abuse, TELL SOMEBODY.  According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, roughly three out of four Americans know someone that has been a victim of domestic violence.

Hearing a celebrity discuss a personal experience with domestic violence may encourage victims of domestic violence or dating abuse to reach out, giving such victims hope and the desire to seek help.  Do you think the presence of a celebrity on a video will encourage abused women (and men) to seek help?  Tell us what you think because perhaps by seeing videos like this one, more victims will realize they are not alone and that help is available.

As long as one person is helped, this video campaign is a remarkable success. … <Read More>