A Grave Issue

In many smaller countries, cemeteries are an unrealistic extravagance.  They take up space, and people seem to keep to continue to die!  Especially in Christian countries where the body is considered sacred even after death, there are worrying social implications when graves need to be dug up.

In Greece, the new practice is to rent your grave. This is a worrying prospect for the country’s Orthodox Christians.  You can rent your grave for up to 3 years, then the body is either sent to another country to be cremated or it is dumped into a mass grave.

This brings interesting questions of what do we do in a world with limited resources and deeply held beliefs?

As a side note, NY law on the matter is that no graves are allowed to be dug up until 100 years after the last plot in that cemetery is filled.  And most cemeteries never fill the last plot so that the clock never starts ticking.… <Read More>