How Will Budget Cuts Affect the Family Court?

After New York Governor Andrew Cuomo criticized the judicial branch for not agreeing to a ten percent reduction in spending this March, Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman submitted a revised budget which cut $100 million from the $2.7 billion budget he had originally submitted. After the Governor and the Legislature worked out the final details of the State budget, which was announced on March 27th, an additional $70 million had been cut from the state’s judiciary budget.

Although the exact impact of the cuts is not yet known, Judge Lippman has stated that the cuts will require reductions in programs and hundreds of layoffs, including courthouse personnel.  “It will have a tremendous impact on the system,” Judge Lippman said, the cuts will cause “delays in the administration of justice, without question.”

While these cuts will have an effect on the entire State court system, the impact on the State’s Family Courts could be devastating.  A 2010 report released by the New York State Unified Court System entitled Plan for the Future of the New York City Family Court, acknowledged the “ever-expanding caseloads of the Family Court” and the fact that the Family Courts remained “under-resourced.”<Read More>