Adult Adoption – The Fastest Way to a Woman’s Heart?

Most people think of adoption as making an existing family relationship whole, particularly when an adult adoption is being made.  Many reasons can hold an adoption of a minor back until the age of majority, such as not being able to get the birth parents’ consent, or in the case of stepparents, the child not feeling close enough to the stepparent to be adopted so soon.  But typically, one would expect an adult who agrees to be adopted by another to have some form of parent-child relationship with the person about to adopt her.  Otherwise, why would she even consent to being adopted?

Maybe for access to the trust he set up for his teenaged kids, worth up to an annual payment of $5,000,000?  It’s why the multimillionaire founder of the polo club in Wellington, Florida, John Goodman, age 48, adopted his 42 year old girlfriend.<Read More>