Gay Adoptions in U.S. Triple, but Inequality Still Exists

Recent studies show that gay and lesbian couples are adopting more than ever. According to UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute, the number of children granted to gay and lesbian couples nearly tripled over the last decade. This is definitely positive news for the gay rights movement as well as beneficial to children placed in foster care and adoption agencies.… <Read More>

Adoption: A Classic Case of Supply and Demand

In a recent New York Times article entitled “The Unborn Paradox,” columnist Ross Douthat notes the shocking decrease in adoption rates over the past several decades. According to statistics, less than one percent of children born to unwed mothers in the United States are put up for adoption, in comparison to twenty percent in the 1970’s. So, why are fewer women choosing adoption?

Americans, whether pro-choice or pro-life, have always been extremely opinionated when it comes to this heated issue. However, I encourage you to put that debate aside and look at the way mainstream society now views pregnancy and parenthood. Poignant examples of public opinion are MTV’s hit reality shows “16 and Pregnant” or “Teen Mom.” Americans are captivated by the struggles of pregnant teens and the media has turned these “children with children” into celebrities and unfortunately, role models. However, society loses interest in these teenage mothers after pregnancy as new motherhood progresses into actual parenthood. What happens to these children over the next eighteen years?… <Read More>