Royal Prenup??

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Prenuptial agreements are (somewhat) common in the United States, especially for those marrying couples who either or both have a significant lump of cash in the bank.  However, prenups are not as common in the United Kingdom, which begs the question – will Prince William and Kate Middleton sign a prenup before the most anticipated global wedding in the last thirty years?  With everything from the dress to the flowers to the bridesmaids being scrutinized, I cannot help but wonder if the couple will be signing a prenup so Prince William can protect his future inheritance from the Queen’s fortune (valued at $467 million).

Surely it would make sense.  While Kate comes from a middle-class (or arguably upper-middle-class) family, this does not compare to marrying English royalty.  But, does signing a prenup take the “romance” out of a wedding?  Arguably, yes.  But is it smart to do for a couple like Prince William and Kate Middleton?  Absolutely, one-hundred-percent YES.  Kate already realizes that she is marrying one of the most-sought-after men in the world and is marrying (again) into the royal family.  She will have to spend all major holidays with the Queen and the rest of William’s family, she will be subjected to daily paparazzi, and she will be expected to do charity work and travel around the globe for appearances.  With the world watching, she understands by this point that a lot of responsibility and attention will continue to fall on her shoulders.  Signing a prenup should just be expected.

Besides the fact that it is a royal couple marrying, there are others reasons for having a prenup in this situation.  Prince William comes from a long history of divorce within his family: his father divorced the late Princess Diana and has since remarried, two others of the Queen’s children have divorced, and William’s uncle on his mother’s side has two ex-wives.  Statistically speaking, William is more likely to end his own marriage in the future because of his parents’ divorce.  It’s known as the “divorce cycle” – a couple may be up to twice as likely to be divorced if one spouse grew up with divorced parents.

Though his father, Prince Charles, did not sign a prenup with either of his wives, it remains unknown if William will sign one, as his office refuses to comment.  It seems like we will have to go back to speculating as to whether Kate will be wearing a white gown that is more traditional or more modern for her big day on April 29.