Money Doesn’t Solve Everything

We, as a society, are told to trust the system from the police investigation to the sentencing procedures, and everything in between.  But what happens when the system fails?  An article I found on the ABA Journal discusses how six children were left in an abusive home due to the alleged failure of their caseworker.  These children were ignored by the system for eight years! The article explains that the state of Washington settled the case for $6.55 million, but does that really make it go away? The children were starved, locked in closets, and physically and sexually abused.  As the saying goes, money doesn’t solve your problems, it just covers them up.  Over thirty complaints were filed in connection to the abuse, mostly by the grandmother of the children to the Department of Social and Health Services.  Other complaints were filed by doctors and professionals. Yet, no meaningful action was taken to care for the children.  How do you settle a case like this for money? Is that justice for the boys who suffered for eight years?