Misuse of ACS?

As overworked as the Administration for Children’s Services is, no one wants to hear stories like this one. This daily news article outlines public school parents’ beliefs that school administrators are calling ACS on parents who complain. The Administration for Children’s Services is under constant scrutiny for not investigating cases which should have been investigated and unfortunately sometimes end by having a child found dead or severely abused. For an overworked system to have any chance at success, cases like the ones outlined in the article, paint a clear picture of why ACS can’t investigate every single case which comes through their agency.

“If we don’t make a call when a student has been absent an excessive amount and something happens to the student when they should have been at school, then it will come back to us,” said Achievement First spokesman Mel Ochoa. This raises the question of how can an agency as overworked as ACS determine which calls are urgent and which are not? This is quite a tasking duty to impose and will allow for failure to investigate some claims which require immediate attention.