Dangers of Social Media Sites

We are all well aware that whatever information we put on the internet is out there for the world to see.  Even our social media sites like Facebook can harm us if we are not careful what information is posted.  It has been made public knowledge that employers can and often do look  up prospective employees to see their behavior before hiring.   But did you know that lawyers, particularly divorce lawyers, use the site to find “dirt” on the opposing side?  According to the NY Times divorce lawyers use the social media sites to find evidence of misbehavior by their client’s spouses.   “It has changed the way we do business,” said Gary L. Nickelson, a matrimonial lawyer in Fort Worth. “Before, we would hire private investigators, have opposing spouses followed, try to interview acquaintances and friends. We would strive forever to get evidence, and now people can’t wait to post on MySpace or Facebook who they are out drinking with. We just come along and scoop that up.” Have a drink with your friends on a Friday night while in the middle of a legal action? It seems that your best bet is to keep your status and pictures clean and conservative.