Spotlight: Professor Lisa Young, Australian Family Law Scholar

By: Danielle Edrich

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Lisa Young, an Australian family law professor, and talk about some of the differences in family law between the United States and Australia. Young has focused her career in family law as a practitioner, professor, and researcher for more than 20 years, and is currently Dean of Research as well as an Associate Professor at Murdoch University School of Law in Western Australia. She is also the current editor of the Australian Journal of Family Law, Australia’s premier family law journal, and is co-author of Family Law in Australia, one of Australia’s principal family law treatises. Young also has been working with the Commonwealth’s Child Support Agency for 16 years, where she routinely hears and decides cases. Before getting into academia, Young was a commercial and family law practitioner. She mentioned that although she ultimately ended up in academia, practicing law was a valuable experience that gave her a “real-world” understanding of the law.

As Dean of Research at Murdoch, Young has been speaking with law schools throughout the world to gain an understanding of what programs and ideas their students are interested in pursuing so that she can further develop a thriving program for her students in Australia. She is also interested in looking for connections her school can build with other law schools. Furthermore, as Young is a family law scholar, she was very interested in learning about family law in the United States and how it compared to Australian law.… <Read More>