Spotlight: Professor Carlin Meyer

By: Lori Anne Vergara


Professor Carlin Meyer has a renowned reputation for her professional and academic achievements; a simple Google search will return pages of information related to her legal career and involvement with New York Law School. However, there is so much more to be said about her amazing spirit and life, which cannot be gleaned from those sources.  During a recent interview with the editors of, Professor Meyer spoke candidly about her educational experiences and personal life. When we sat down for our interview, Professor Meyer had already begun the process of packing her belongings from her office in the Abbey Institute area. There were still books on the shelves, though, and she asked each of us to take one or two. As we chose books, she peered over and gave us her brief thoughts on the authors and their work. I was amazed at how much she could remember about each of the books and it made me realize just how passionate she is about discussing legal concepts and ideas.

Recently, Professor Meyer stepped down from her role as director of the Diane Abbey Law Center For Children and Families, recently renamed the Abbey Institute as part of the new Impact Center for Public Interest Law. ¬†She is becoming emeritus in January 2015. Though I was not lucky enough to have her as a professor, I am still saddened to see her set out on the retirement track. I first met Professor Meyer at the New York Law School Gala last fall.… <Read More>